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solar air conditioner
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  • solar air conditioner

solar air conditioner

Item No.: DC-30
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DC A/C is applied in battery and solar powered outdoor cabinet. it use DC powered compressor and fans, so the
solar air conditionerair cooler,telcom  air conditioner,DC-Klimaanlage,DC air conditioner,48VDC air conditioner
The  system is a compact, high efficiency DC powered air conditioner.
The design is optimized for applications with limited space available, but where functionality and performance still cannot be compromised.
Ø        48VDC air conditioner
Ø        340W cooling capacity    25ºC /35ºC
Ø        520W cooling capacity    35ºC /35ºC
Ø        Compact design
Ø        Door mounted – easy integration in outdoor cabinets and enclosures
Ø        Wide working temperature range (-15ºC to +55 ºC)
Ø        Reliable and high quality cooling system
Ø        Cost effective design
Ø        Easy installation in outdoor and indoor cabinets
Ø        Lifetime >10 years – min maintenance
Ø        Environmental friendly – R134A and RoHS compliant
Ø        Safe and burglar proof design
Ø        Resistant to corrosive environments – IP55 and Salt fog tested
Ø        Cooling settings
Ø        Protection for high voltage
Ø        Outdoor Battery Cabinets
Ø        Outdoor Radio Base Stations / Telecom Cabinets
Ø        Outdoor Solar Powered Telecom Cabinets
Ø        Outdoor Power Supply Cabinets
Ø        Outdoor Wind Power Control Cabinets / Shelters
Ø        Outdoor Gen-set Control Cabinets / Shelters
Ø       Indoor Battery Cabinets / Shelters
Parameter                                                                                  Model NO DC20
Cooling/Heating Capacity
Cooling Capacity@L25/L35  W 1650
Cooling Capacity@L35/L35  W 2000
Heating Capacity (Optional) W \
Power Consumption
Power Consumption@L25/L35 W 550
Power Consumption@L35/L35 W 570
Current@L25/L35  A 11.50
Current@L35/L35  A 12.00
Internal Airflow m3/h 650
Power Supply
Power Supply Range VDC -44~-58
Rated operating voltage - Controller VDC -48
Rated operating voltage - Cooling/Heating System VDC -48
Max. Current A 18
Environmental Protection & Performance
Working Temperature Range ºC -15 to +55
Noise Level dB(A) 68
Protection from Dust, Water and Wind Driven Rain IP 55
Refrigerant R134a
CE Compliant Yes
Key Components
Controller YUAO
Fans Telecom Level
Compressor Telecom Level
Heater  \
Dimensions, Weight & Mount
External Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) mm 1112×412×170
External Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) With Flange mm 1170x470x170
Weight kg 45
Dimensions, Weight & Mount
Mounting Method Door Mounted
Application Outdoor
External Materials
Sheet Metal Parts SECC + Powder Painting
Color (Optional) RAL 7035