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Item No.: YADC-15
battery air conditioner,DC air conditioner,48VDC air conditioner
DC A/C is applied in battery and solar powered outdoor cabinet. it use DC powered compressor and fans, so the whole system can  work in those areas that have no AC power or  AC power is fa
DC-Klimaanlage,DC air conditioner,48VDC air conditioner
The  system is a compact, high efficiency DC powered air conditioner.
The design is optimized for applications with limited space available, but where functionality and performance still cannot be compromised.
Ø        48VDC air conditioner
Ø        340W cooling capacity    25ºC /35ºC
Ø        520W cooling capacity    35ºC /35ºC
Ø        Compact design
Ø        Door mounted – easy integration in outdoor cabinets and enclosures
Ø        Wide working temperature range (-15ºC to +55 ºC)
Ø        Reliable and high quality cooling system
Ø        Cost effective design
Ø        Easy installation in outdoor and indoor cabinets
Ø        Lifetime >10 years – min maintenance
Ø        Environmental friendly – R134A and RoHS compliant
Ø        Safe and burglar proof design
Ø        Resistant to corrosive environments – IP55 and Salt fog tested
Ø        Cooling settings
Ø        Protection for high voltage
Ø        Outdoor Battery Cabinets
Ø        Outdoor Radio Base Stations / Telecom Cabinets
Ø        Outdoor Solar Powered Telecom Cabinets
Ø        Outdoor Power Supply Cabinets
Ø        Outdoor Wind Power Control Cabinets / Shelters
Ø        Outdoor Gen-set Control Cabinets / Shelters
Ø       Indoor Battery Cabinets / Shelters

Parameter                                                                                    Model YADC-15
Cooling/Heating Capacity    
Cooling Capacity@L25/L35  W 1200
Cooling Capacity@L35/L35  W 1500
Heating Capacity (Optional) W \
Refrigerant   R134a
Power Supply    
Power Supply Range VDC -44~-58
Rated operating voltage - Controller VDC -48
Rated operating voltage - Cooling/Heating System VDC -48
Max. Current A 14.5
Power Consumption    
Power Consumption@L25/L35 W 420
Power Consumption@L35/L35 W 430
Current@L25/L35  A 8.80
Current@L35/L35  A 9.00
Internal Airflow m3/h 400
Controller   YUAO
Fans   Telecom Level
Compressor   Telecom Level
Heater    \
Mounting Method   Door Mounted
Application   Outdoor
Environmental Protection & Performance    
Working Temperature Range ºC -15 to +55
Noise Level dB(A) 65
Protection from Dust, Water and Wind Driven Rain   IP 55
CE&ISO Compliant   Yes
Dimensions, Weight & Mount    
External Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) mm 1112×412×170
External Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) With Flange mm 1170x470x170
Weight kg 43